Senate Confirmation of a Supreme Court Nominee: An Online Deliberation


Day 5:  Skype Deliberation

Download Skype


Justify an argument about the essential question by using Skype to deliberate viewpoints with students from out of state.

Essential Question: Should a Supreme Court nominee's life experiences or other ideals/beliefs be used when interpreting the Constitution? (or should the Constitution be interpreted at face value, literally?

Your assessment will be based upon the Scored Discussion rubric provided.

10 Ground Rules for Skype Deliberation:

1.    Allow others to question your position.

2.    Use the discussion as a “learning” time. 

3.    Listen.  Track the responses of 4 assigned classmates with the Scored Discussion rubric provided.

4.    Have a sincere interest in what the other speaker is saying.  Restate the last speaker's position in your own words.

5.    Respect each others’ opinion: Realize that others will have different realities.

6.    Avoid sarcasm.

7.    Body language: not rolling eyes, crossing arms.  Maintain eye contact.  Nod that you’re tracking what’s being said.

8.    Avoid personalizing responses.

9.    Speak in the first person.

10.    Stick to the subject.