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Media Literacy Remote Control

When you use (or turn on) the "Media Literacy Remote Control," you will be focusing on three
major topics as a critical reader and thinker:

1) Authors and Audiences
2) Messages and Meanings
3) Representations and Realities

"Turn Off and Discuss"
1) Reality Check:  Is the information that you are reading true or false? Is the author credible or reliable?
2) Private Gain or Public Good: Does the author have an alterior motive or purpose in their message? Which publication is the author writing for? Does writing for a specific corporation cause them to be less credible as a source or more reliable?
3) Values Check: What values are represented? Is this good or bad?
4) Read between the lines: What is implied or inferred by the author's statements or reasoning?
5) What's left out: What information is omitted from the author's message?
6) Record/Save for later: Is there something stated that you might consider using in the future?