Senate Confirmation of a Supreme Court Nominee: An Online Deliberation


Days 1 & 2: Political Cartoons VoiceThread


Evaluate the criticisms of and support for nominee Sotomayor by taking part in a Voice Thread discussion of political cartoons about the  controversial issues involved in a Senate judicial confirmation process.

Focus Questions:

  • What are the issues or controversies/issues found in the political cartoons, especially with regards to criticisms and defense of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor? 
  • In what ways does the artist choose to represent those controversies/issues through the use of symbol people,words/phrases, etc.?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the artist's point of view? Why or why not? Are the artists unfair in their treatment of Sotomayor or do they represent valid questions that need to be asked? Be sure to explain your opinion.

Analyzing Political Cartoons:

Analyzing Political Cartoons is no easy task.  It's No laughing Matter can help you learn how to really read a political cartoon.